The Introduction

Paradyse conception is a french computer modding studio. Started in 2009, from the love of the hardware and nice builds, it is focusing on computer's design, optimisations and modifications.

High-technology and manual work are mixed together to enhance each component and sublimate the overall design. The quality of the work, the accuracy of the finishes, and the customisation of each project make them absolutely unique.

The exposure about the projects are available on many online supports, as dedicated websites, forums, social media, independent press websites. We are also covered in computer magazines and high-tech events.

Paradyse conception, the modding spirit


The philosophy


One project, one philosophy

Each project has his own philosophy, his own orientation, but they all follow the same aim : quality and custom-fit.

The customisation is made by manual work, accurate cuts and tidy finishes. Each part is modified to fit perfectly in the case : custom wires, painting, sleeving, case modifications, watercooling, etc...

Just the perfect balance required for a unique result.

Selected hardware

We put only approved components in our mod, which match the theme of the build. Power and design !

Valued partners

Great partners are the key to success, and we are glad to be supported by awesome brands.

Manual work

Nearly everything is made by hand or with manual tools : cutting, filling, folding, etc. Only the very accurate works are made with CNC machine.

Accurate finishes

We love the good work, we love the clean work.

Custom fit

Each case, each component is unique. It requires custom modifications for each of them to fit perfectly in the build.

Personalisation process

One mod = one spirit. We make a personalisation for each build, with stickers, painting, custom wiring, etc.

The Projects


Paradyse TJ07

The Silverstone TJ07 case is THE case to mod, and here is our vision with the silver version and a real carbon touch



The High Fidelity Paradyse Computer is a home-theater computer inspired by high-fidelity world and components


Paradyse eXtreme

PX mod is a high-end computer project, with powerful components and peripherals for the best eXperience



Intel NUC is one of the smallest computer. We've added a "green" touch with a custom natural bamboo top



Our fifth project. Mainly dark with some touches of blue, white and red, to remind the colors of the French flag. Cocorico !



A light mod of the Intel NUC5i5RYH with custom paint job and a bamboo top from "Moso Bamboo Products"



they trust us

Greatest brands and companies

We are honored to work with the greatest brands in the computer and electronic worlds

Wide visibility

Our projects are widely shown on the internet via the dedicated websites and forums

Press releases

Many of the best computer medias are talking about our work, wether in printed form or online in their news, articles and magazines

Shows and events

The mods we build are the perfect way for the brands to show off their products in beautiful computers. They use them in shows and events to enhance their lastest technologies

Fidelity and happiness

At Paradyse Conception we work with the same companies since many years. We are happy, and they are too :)

Social exposure

Customers and enthusiasts are on social medias, and so we are.