This website is dedicated to the Paradyse TJ07 MOD.


     "mod" : a mod is the result of computer chassis and hardware modifications and customizations, in order to improve performance and design, to make something unique.


     "TJ07" : it comes from the model of the case used for this mod, a Silverstone TJ07.


     The story begins on June 22nd 2009 when I decided to change my computer case. The one I owned at the time was too small for my current hardware configuration and was causing overheating issues.

     After browsing many hardware sites and forums I ended up choosing the TJ07. The size of the case makes it very customisable and suitable for a large amount of hardware. The TJ07 also has a good thermal design with plenty of ventilation.

     Whilst searching for the TJ07 I came across some amazing and beautiful TJ07 mods, especially the murderMod ones. My outlook on it was changed - it was no longer just a case, it was an extraordinary playground.

     This was the point when I was infected with the modding virus. It begins with a little modification, followed by another and another. The TJ07 is more about 'design' than any other case, which gives you so much flexibility - HDD can go here, cables can be hidden here etc. You end up getting so into the modding that you are buying special tools just for parts of the case, getting covered in carbon dust after a long day of creativity and even placing orders just for some certain screws !

     In May 2010, after nearly a year of trying out ideas, assembling the case, getting advice, failing, disassembling again, hours of reflection and even more hours in hard work, I finally finished the project you will discover here. I really enjoyed working on it and thanks to this project I met some very nice people whilst discovering the fabulous modding world !